To represent and lead the community in Camden & Islington by addressing their needs, concerns, and views in relation to local and wider community issues including Islam, youth culture, and needs of the elderly community, and education.

Aims and Objectives

Clarify to all sections of the community the true meaning of Islam, and dispel the many myths and labels attached to Islam and the Muslim community. To portray the correct image of youth culture, state of educational attainment, Islam, and the role of the elderly community. To make the local community in Camden & Islington feel more confident towards their identity. To engage and discuss with the wider community to improve understanding and community cohesion. To take the lead in dealing with and discussing issues and topics in regards to the local area. Being a reference point for local residents in issues affecting the local community. Equip the community to face and deal with the many challenges facing the community as a whole.

Key Task

The main tasks are to:


  1. Hold seminars, talks, events, workshops to ensure the needs, concerns, and views of the community are met.
  2. Attend meetings organised by other organisations, both statutory and non statutory in order to represent the views and interests of the community.
  3. Engage and further develop contacts with a broad section of people and organisations within the community.
  4. Empower local residents to become proactive members of their community and become responsible citizens.
  5. Represent the views of the community by writing in the local papers, attending network forums, taking part in local debates and discussions.
  6. Hold a large annual event bringing communities together.