Previous Events

Here you will find our local upcoming events inshallah. Throughout the year we do many events to engage with the local community Muslims and Non-Muslims in order to build a strong community bond. One of our biggest event of the year is the Islamic Mela which we have been doing for the past 7 years which is widely supported by the whole community, last years mela attracted over 6,000 people.

Islamic Mela 2013

The 7th Annual Islamic Mela will be held on Sunday 25th August 2013. Last years mela was one of the biggest ever and inshallah this year we will make it even more bigger.


This years theme will be "Discover Muhammad (pbuh)' we will have a unique exhibition displaying his message to the World. Also we wil have Nasheeds, Qur'an competitions, Role plays, Funfair, Debates and much more.

Eid in the Park 2013

Come and celebrate Eid salah in the park. Depending on the moon  Eid ul fitr will fall either Thursday 8th or friday 9th August.


Please bring your prayer mats.

Exhibition Know Muhammad (saws)

Upcomming events